Qualitative Research

ukereweListening to people’s stories and get to know the world from their point of view has always been my passion.

My mission is to help you understand the needs of your users and maximize the outcome of your business or charitable projects through qualitative research methods.

As a proficient Swahili speaker with a background in both – ethnography and entrepreneurship – I’m able to gather most valuable insights for you.

Depending on what you need, my services include survey design, data collection and report creation.

If you are interested in any kind of collaboration don’t hesitate to contact me.

Range of services

  • User research
  • Prototype testing, usability tests
  • Impact research & measurement
  • Academic research


  • Interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Household surveys
  • Mobile-based survey design (MagPi, FrontlineSMS and TextIt)

Sample of projects

Mobisol, Arusha, Tanzania
I assisted Mobisol in facilitating focus group discussions with their customers, to find out more about their background and decision making process.

PhD Project: “The cultural acceptance of Solar Home Systems in rural Tanzania” Arusha, Tanzania
I assisted this research project as a consultant, interviewer and Swahili translator. Around 50 qualitative interviews were conducted with Solar Home System users and non users around Arusha.

Tigo Kilimo, Morogoro, Tanzania
As part of my Bachelor thesis about the impact of SMS-based services on smallholder farmers in Tanzania, I conducted semi-structured telephone interviews with Tigo Kilimo users in Morogoro Region.

Beauty Spotter GmbH, Berlin, Germany
As Business Development Manager I designed, implemented and evaluated face-to-face usability tests to improve the user-friendliness and performance of price comparison portals.

Muda Africa, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
For a video project I conducted semi-structured interviews with dance students from Muda Africa to get to know in which way practicing yoga has changed their lives.

Liter of Light, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
I assisted Liter of Light in conducting household surveys in Mansese ward in order to assess the need for electricity and lighting.

Nitafutie, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
When we won the Dar es Salaam Startup Weekend in 2013 with our idea for a mobile-based market place, we conducted semi-structured interviews with potential users, to assess their needs and challenges they face.

New Paradigm Community Based Organization, Gita, Kenya
At NPCBO I regularly conducted interviews with HIV widows who had obtained a microloan to start their own business. The aim was to assess progresses and hurdles in that process.

Conducting telephone interviews with Tigo Kilimo users in Morogoro Region, Tanzania